Terms & Conditions

Hereby presented Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases performed through our online store. By clicking the order button, you agree to accept the products comprised in the shopping cart, and the binding agreement is concluded between you and our company. The concluded agreement will become effective from the moment of completing and sending the order.

Payment can be performed via PayPal or or credit/debit card. In order to complete the payment by PayPal, you must have a PayPal account, which can be created prior to your visit to our website, or you can create it by accessing PayPal through our website. You need to login to your PayPal account, and complete the remaining steps in order to complete the payment. The product remains the property of our company, until the payment is made in full. By ordering a product from our online store, you agree that the delivery costs will be added to the original price of the ordered product.

For information on the delivery costs, please consult the product page, or contact our customer support. Delivery is performed by third party couriers; collecting the ordered product by yourself is not possible, nor is it possible to deliver orders to packing station. In case of any transport damage, be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

Furthermore, contact the company that delivered the product to you, and inform them about the damage. Note that by not reporting the damage to us and/or the delivery company, you will not jeopardize your chances of enforcing the warranty claims. That is important for us, so we could enforce our claims against the transport insurance or the delivery company.

Terms and Conditions will be sent to you by email, along with the agreement text, which will be stored at our website. You will be able to access the information regarding your previous orders by logging into the members area of the website. The agreement is concluded between you and Cornis Limited. For more information, suggestions, complaints, or any other purpose, feel free to contact us by using the contact information provided on our website.



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