What sizes are available?
We offer a wide range of photomural dimensions, suitable for any space you might need, up to 388 x 270 cm in size. You can also choose the orientation (horizontal or vertical) of your mural.

Is it possible to reorder just one sheet, instead of whole mural?
Unfortunately, no. Our production process simply wouldn’t allow such option.

Does the wall require any special preparation before placing the mural?
Yes, the wall preparation is very important. It has to be smooth, clean of any dust and grease, and able to absorb moisture well enough. For more details, please check our photomural manual, available on the site.

Which paste should be used when placing the mural onto the wall?
Regular commercial wallpaper paste is all you need (paste is supplied in most cases, please see the product page). Just follow the instructions of the paste manufacturer, and also read our manual, which will be delivered to you with the photomural.

What if there is some air left between the wall and the mural?
You need to act very carefully. Try to push the air out slowly, by gently applying pressure to the wall, working your way from the center of the wall towards the edges. If that doesn’t help, you may take a sharp needle and burst the air pocket, but be careful not to damage the mural.

Can I place my mural on the outside wall?
Our murals are created for indoor use, preferably in not too wet rooms. In dry indoor conditions, they last much longer and demonstrate their full quality. Applying them on outside walls or in extremely wet rooms, such as basements for instance, is possible, but in such case we cannot guarantee that mural will be long lasting and it may deteriorate sooner than normal. In any case, the more the mural is exposed to water and moist, the shorter it will last.

Can photomurals be washed?
Only if you are very careful. You should use just water, without any cleaning agent. Use some rag or old piece of clothing, after you dip them in the water (but squeeze it good, it must not be soaked). The other way is to use some gentle foam instead. Do not rub the mural too hard.

Is it possible to take of mural and place it somewhere else or reapply it?
You can take it off quite easily; all you have to do is use some water to dissolve the binding paste. However, reusing mural after that is impossible.

What is your return policy?
If you receive a flawed product, there is a 14-day return period. However, this is valid only if you inform us of the product faults as soon as you receive it, and before you apply the paste or in any other way change the state of the product.